Dining With The Dead

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Birthday Parties

The Colorado River Riders, Inc.

This is a truly fun event that brings Yuma's history alive for just one night per year.  We have proudly been involved with this event for going on 15 wonderful years.  We will celebrate the 16th annual in January 2018.  It has been a dinner and tour where some of Yuma's most notable pioneers tell of their lives in the Pioneer Cemetery.  The net proceeds for the event goes to benefit Saddles of Joy, Inc.

Shotgun Weddings

Any kind of event or celebration that has a western theme to it then we can come out and perform a skit or two to liven up the proceedings.  Prior to performing, we always do a weapons safety demonstration.  Saddles of Joy offers a birthday party special there on the ranch and we would be more than happy to come out for that special birthday child.  (Just make sure that our schedule will allow us to come out by asking the Saddles of Joy Staff to give us a call.  We can usually have a decision with in a day of two).