Kim Lindner


​Board Member

 Karene Ess

AKA Rea Lynn

​Board Member

Mary Lou Howard

​AKA The Widow Graff

Neil Taylor

AKA Trapper

​Board Member

Thomas Hummer

​AKA Reddy

 ​Tom Ess

AKA Frank Lee

​Safety Officer

The Colorado River Riders, Inc.

Candy Stover

​AKA Delilah

Katlin Hummer

​AKA Junior

Randy Smith ​AKA


​Chairman of The Board 

Patricia Smith

AKA Miss Trish

Assistant Chairman

Meet the Cast of Players

Barbara Tomlinson

​AKA Calamity

These are the member of our group.  As you can see, we are not a very big organization and we are always looking for new members that have the same wish to keep our rich wild west history alive by doing re-enactments of the time.  It is very rewarding and we work to support a very worthy organization, Saddles of Joy, Inc.  If you are interested in working with us please use the form in contact us.

Kitty Hummer

​AKA Lucinda

Glenn Cancilla

​AKA Latigo